It Starts With Your Local Ministry

Want to be a ministry worker? We partner with churches and networks.

Your local ministry is your orbit for the work God has called you to do. Whether you are the sole leader or are joining the team, this is the place that sets the tone for your theology and ministry approach. Reliant comes alongside to train and support you while entrusting the local church for spiritual oversight.

Most of our ministry workers have existing experience as volunteer leaders in their ministry before they come to Reliant.

This key value guides our assessment and fundraising process, so our first question is, "Who are you partnering with to further God's Kingdom?"

Does your church or network already work with us? Then you're ready to begin, and your key leader representative may already be established. For existing campus or missional churches, this often is a Reliant missionary in a pastor or ministry leadership role.

New to Reliant? We establish new partnerships with like-minded churches or church networks on a regular basis. For church plants, we connect with a sending church or church board.

There's a Lot You Can Start Now

For many of our ministry workers, Reliant is the next step in ministry, not the first. Most have already been serving and leading in their ministry before they come to Reliant. However, transitioning to full-time ministry and fundraising, especially if leaving a full-time job, takes life planning.

  • Plan your timeline for the next 6-12 months—project for assessment, life transitions, training, and fundraising phases.
  • Continue to lead and grow in ministry skills, doctrine, and Christian character.
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