Establish Partnership

New to Reliant? We partner with missional churches and Gospel-centered ministries to mobilize support-based workers for the Great Commission.

Tell Us About You

Our team is ready to connect with you and your leadership community.

  • What is your missional church or ministry called to do? We want to hear about what God is doing!
  • How will you be funding the ministry? We help you determine if our approach to fundraising is right for your missional context.
  • Who is your team? Just you—or a whole group? We help both.
  • Which key leader will represent your church with Reliant? Are you church-planting?
  • Who are you connected with? We work alongside networks too.

Learn about us

  • We'd love to discuss our Mission & Values, our Statement of Faith, and more.
  • Get details on our fundraising training and coaching process and how it would work for you or your team.
  • Find out about the full range of services we offer.
  • How our value of local leadership makes us the perfect partner if you already have your doctrinal and ministry method. uses cookies for features, performance, and tracking. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use, and to our Privacy Promise.