Ministry Assessment

Put our extensive experience in mobilization to work for you. Every ministry worker, church planter, or team member starts with our comprehensive assessment.

Have Confidence in Your Team

We want your team to be strong, so we're here to help you evaluate up to seven critical areas:

  • Support Raising Readiness
  • Call to Ministry
  • Ministry Skill
  • Walk With God
  • Spiritual Habits and Disciplines
  • Moral Conduct and Emotional Health
  • Spousal & Family Support
  • International Readiness

We look at the big picture and the details, so you can make Spirit-led choices about how to add members to your team.

Services We Provide

Reliant strives to provide some things that are not as easy for the church to do, such as:

  • A thoughtful and organized assessment program that is fundamentally based on Scripture.
  • Twenty-five years of knowledge and statistics on fundraising success and failure.
  • Formal background checks into criminal and civil records. Credit checks for verification of the applicant's financial situation before raising funds.
  • Human resources done right. We understand state-to-state employment law and payroll taxes, and more.
  • Salary & cost of living research. Compensation decisions made clear.
  • Psychological and cross-cultural testing for international ministry workers.

Reviewed Assessments

Designed from the ground up to understand your local church values, Reliant is a joint partner with you in assessing candidates. We assign an experienced Christian assessor who understands the pressures unique to support-based ministries, providing you with another angle of evaluation for a holistic perspective.

You designate the key leader to work with us as we assess candidates. This may be an executive pastor or ministry leader. If you are a church plant, this leader may be a sending church, a church network coach, or a representative of a church board.

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