Fundraising Training

Our multi-day training is one of the best.

Fundraising is more than just asking for money

Ministry Team Development is the core process Reliant ministry workers use to raise funds. The training philosophy is based on William McConkey's "Win, Keep, Lift" strategy for interacting with financial partners. It has been proved successful notably through Cru, the largest evangelical missions agency in the world.

Key aspects of our MTD model include:

  • Emphasis on personal, face-to-face connection with financial partners in homes, coffee shops, offices, or even video platforms.
  • Recognizing those who give as sustaining partners, who invest in you and the ministry financially, prayerfully, and practically.
  • The skill of sharing a clear, concise, and compelling story that includes personal testimony, the needs of a mission field, the Gospel, and a direct ask for partnership.
  • Recurring monthly giving is foundational to a steady ministry worker's budget that does not require renewing financial commitments each year.

Our fundraising training makes successful ministry workers

Offered numerous times throughout the year, Reliant's fundraising training is the fundraising launch point for all deputized fundraisers with Reliant. The interactive face-to-face training is a comprehensive course in the theological and practical aspects of Ministry Team Development facilitated by leaders who have firsthand experience raising funds for church planting, campus ministry, and more.

Topical examples include Kingdom Economics, Practical Truths of MTD, Telling Your Story, Handling Questions and Objections, and Calling Back for a Decision.

The training is thorough and covers a broad set of skills in a short amount of time. Ministry workers leave the training confident in their calling and strategy and can present their local ministry in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

Participants consistently rate the training essential to their success in fundraising, and the cohort connects your team with like-minded missional ministries across the US and Internationally. uses cookies for features, performance, and tracking. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use, and to our Privacy Promise.