AMR Story: Ethan Ezikian

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AMR Story: Ethan Ezikian

Reliant | Jun 27, 2023, 18:50 PM

In 2019, God called my family and me to plant a new church in my hometown, Brighton, Michigan. Since then, our partnership with Reliant has allowed us to respond to that calling with obedience as we received training for church planting, then planted Union Church in the fall of 2021.

Our hometown of Brighton, Michigan, is one of the most well-resourced areas in the state of Michigan. Its affluence, green space, and small-town feel give it the outward appearance of peace, security, and beauty, but under the surface, we have found deep brokenness. All the resources in the world can't quench the restlessness of the heart that has not found its home in Jesus, and in our region, we estimate that between 60 - 90% of the population falls into that category. There is a deep need here that only the gospel can meet.

By God's grace, Union Church was planted with a mission to be a people united by the gospel to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples. Planting and pastoring have involved an incredible amount of hard work that stretches both the limits of the body and the heart, but we are consistently humbled by how the Lord accomplishes things beyond our capacity to influence. Of course, God's provision can be measured in so many ways, but my favorite ways to spotlight his goodness are in the stories of people who have found a home in the gospel through our church family. I could tell you about Mark*, who came to our church and realized that despite his history in the church, he had never really believed the gospel. Mark has lost nearly every earthly comfort in his life and often struggles with despair, but he has found a home in Christ and a family in Union Church. I could tell you about Karen, who had stayed away from Christianity for nearly a decade as she dealt with church hurt but has begun to trust again in our community. I could tell you about Henry - a young man just beginning to grasp the gospel as he is discipled through our community. There are truly too many stories to share of people who - in various ways - have been without a home in God and who have, by God's mercy, been welcomed into the house of God through the ministry of our little church plant.

God is kind, friends. To him be the glory forever.