AMR Story: Patrick & Amber

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AMR Story: Patrick & Amber

Patrick and Amber | Jun 27, 2023, 19:30 PM

My wife and I are part of a team that is leading the Middle East North Africa Field Hub. At the hub, we help shepherd and develop new workers in the MENA region.

 We are currently leading our 9 new participants through their first 2 years on the field before we release them to join an existing team or create a new team in the region, fully developed and ready to contribute to a church planting team. 

Our heart is to help equip and develop these new workers so that they have every tool to be prepared to be healthy and thriving on the field for many years to come. The main point of emphasis within our team is for our participants to grow in deeper love for and in relationship with Jesus. A deep, abiding relationship with Jesus is the bedrock and foundation of our thriving on the field and in life. We desire our participants to build on top of this relationship with Jesus in everything they do going forward. Without this, love for those they are serving and their personal thriving on the field will not and cannot last.

Through the past few years, our team has had the privilege of releasing 15 workers from our team to two different countries in the region. They have all left our team with a solid foundation in language, a deeper understanding of culture, learned and practiced how to labor in the harvest, and, most importantly, a far deeper love for Jesus than when they arrived. 

Some have gone on to start care networks for other workers, some have joined church planting teams, and some have even led locals to receive and walk with Jesus. 

This is why we do what we do. To receive, develop and release workers whose identities are first and foremost built on an abiding relationship with Jesus, and the overflow of that relationship pours out to those around them.